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Bill Gregory SAFE SIMPLE COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Learn How To Earn Safe Simple Commissions

Product Name: Safe Simple Commissions
Launch Date
: 18th February 2013
Official Website :
Created By : Bill Gregory
Pricing : $46 with two upsells

Quick Overview At Safe Simple Commissions :

SAFE SIMPLE COMMISSIONS REVIEW – Hi blog readers. I’m back once again with a new product review. In this post, I will be reviewing an upcoming product : Safe Simple Commissions by Bill Gregory. I managed to get access to it few days back for $46. The payment merchant was clicksure which is a very safe way to make online payments with money back guarantee. Unfortunately, they don’t support PayPal at the moment so you will need a credit or debit card to buy safe simple commissions system. That’s not a big problem although as everyone these days have a credit or debit card so let’s move onto the review.

As you know me very well, my reviews are incomplete without any proofs or members area screenshot. So, to accomplish that, here is safe simple commissions members area preview to which I got access few days back:

Safe Simple Commissions Members Area

From the picture, you could also get some clue of what this system is about.. Did you? Well let me tell you about it. Safe Simple Commissions method revolves around making money through Facebook without spending any kind of money on ads etc. So how it will be done?

Well, you will need to first create a facebook page on some topic using your facebook account or any fake account if you would like to. The training of safesimplecommissions teaches you which facebook fan pages work best with safe simple commissions software. So once you are done with all that, you get to use the best part – the safe simple commissions software which is basically an online script that will help you generate viral content for your page.

Each time your fanpage subscriber hits the like button on your posts, his or her friends will also see your page which makes your fanpage become viral and spread in Facebook like fire attracting several thousands fans! Then you can earn money by easily posting links to your affiliate product or CPA offers with which you can easily earn $5000/week with this method using one fan page.

The more YOU scale, the MORE you make. Means, if you create more fan pages with viral content and lots of fans then you will surely make more money. The concept of safe simple commissions is really good and I really think that it is newbie friendly. No technical knowledge required. They have tutorials in place in case you are an idiot lol.

That’s the end of my safesimplecommissions review. I hope it proved to be helpful for you. My take on this is that it is a good product and not a scam. I will rate it 7/10. Rest if upto you whether you want to buy orĀ  struggle more in life.

I also want to let you know that there are two upsells of safe simple commissions which you will be offered during sales process. You can buy these upsells for further benefits or can simple deny them and move straight to the main members area to try out the safe simple commissions system. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to buy these upsells later ponce you have decided to reject them. They are only one-time offers. So take your decisions wisely. Here are the upsells:

  • Safe Simple Commissions VIP Upgrade
  • 38 Secret Fast Cash Sources + 16 Free Safe Simple Commissions Bonus

If you have any questions regarding safe simple commissions then do ask me by commenting below. I will be happy to help you.


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  1. hi, can you tell more about upsell and what is upsells price?

  2. Hey what if i am located in Africa and cannot qualify to be a click bank affiliate, what other affiliate program can i use to promote products that allows affiliates from all over the world?

    • suzzanefox says:

      Well, there are many. Like markethealth, plimus, various CPA sites, content locking sites can also be used in this trick.

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