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Product Name: AutoBinary Code Software (Wall Street Exposed)
Launch Date
: 11th June 2013
Official Website :
Created By : Jacob
Pricing :Β  FREE


AutoBinary Code Review: Hey everyone. Suzanne is really sorry that she was not able to write any reviews from long time. Actually, I was away on a long holiday tour. I came back 2 weeks ago and it tooks me several days to get back on track. Anyways, now I’ve finished most of the pending work; the only thing which remained was writing a review. So, today I’m going to tell you what is auto binary code software also known as “wall-street exposed” all about. Continue reading this review to find out more…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, I can no longer help or support everyone of you in comments if you don’t signup for free through this link ONLY. Signup again with a new info and download the software. Then register for cedar finance and that software with same info. When you comment below then use the same email ID so that I can cross check and help you in your problem and queries..

Auto Binary Code is a free software created by Jacob (a forex trader) that will help you earn money from forex, stocks and currency from your home without any knowledge. You don’t need to be expert in trading to make money. You don’t have to put any time in research or analysis regarding what to buy and what not to. It is completely done on autopilot by the auto binary code software (wall street exposed software). Inside the members area, you will get link to download the software, free training and a very nice offer. Here’s how the members area of auto binary code looks like:

auto binary code members

The software which you will download for free has got tremendous capability to multiply your money. It provides you free binary signals i.e what you should buy and what you should sell in forex market that will make you profit 100% guaranteed. All you have to do is hit the “buy” or “sell” button when the software advises.Here’s what all you need to do to make money with autobinarycode software:

  • DOWNLOAD Auto Binary Code Software Here For FREE
  • Install Auto Binary Code Software (works on Windows and Mac)
  • Start the software and create a free account.
  • Once you have finished registration, your software license will be activated for next 90 days free of cost.
  • The software then starts searching for binary signals and will alert you when there is any profitable binary signal. All you have to do then is open position in that particular trade and the software will handle the rest of the work.

It is completely risk-free as I’ve tried it myself.

You don’t need to pay anything to download auto binary code software. It is completely free of cost when you click here.

You get free access to this software for 90 days. Then decide whether you would like to pay the fees of that service or not. No obligations. You can cancel anytime and uninstall this software from your PC. It works everywhere and for everyone.

I have used auto binary code software myself. I opened an account with cedar finance with which the software is compatible and integrates. Then I deposited $150 (you can decide the amount yourself) into my trading account. After all that, I started looking at binary signals from the software and opened position for various trades. After almost a week, the $150 I invested, had turned into $3200 which is like 2033% increase in my funds. I am really happy to see the results. I will definitely invest more to make more. That’s how the thing works. Auto Binary Code is not a scam.

Auto Binary Code Account

::: More Information On WALL-STREET-EXPOSED :::

To know more about auto binary code, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF WALL_STREET EXPOSED.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, I can no longer help or support everyone of you in comments if you don’t signup for free through this link. Signup again with a new info and download the software. Then register for that software with same info. When you comment below then use the same email ID so that I can cross check and help you in your problem and queries..

AutoBinary Code REVIEW - Is It a SCAM? SHOCKING!, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. WOW! Amazing suzzane. Your link did some wonder:

    I signed up through your link and got a LOT more than advertised. Thanks for that special link sissy πŸ™‚

    hey guys try her link:

    you will get some special bonus once you finish signing up!

  2. do you make a commision on people signing up to cedar
    and is there a way of testing the system before you trade for real money
    thanks martin

    • suzzanefox says:

      no no no…it is not any referral system. it is about real world forex trading. though you can become affiliate of cedar finance and refer traders but the main thing auto binary trader is all about is binary signals which you will get for free for 90 days. you can’t test this system without real money though you can have a look at the software and how the things looks like without putting any money.

  3. I was very excited but I can’t manage to download the software. Said file corrupt

    • suzzanefox says:

      have you been able to solve this problem? If not please download the software again completely and then run the setup. If you are still facing the problem then forward your problem with screenshot to me as well as their support team.

  4. I signed up for this and note that there is Telephone Support Offered at 1-800-820-9443. However, this number is not available in Canada. How do I get this Support? Secondly, the video mentions that it is free for 90 days then I have to pay. What is the payment amount?

    • suzzanefox says:

      What message you are getting when you are calling?

      The software is completely free for 90 days. You don’t have to sign any contract or give them any payment information to bill you after 90 days. After 90 days, they will ask whether you would like to continue receiving these profitable signals or not.

      As for now, I don’t know what will be the charges after 90 days but it’s definitely gonna be recurring charges. They will hardly charge you $5-$10/mo and not more than that if you want to continue the service which is a steal according to me.

  5. Matt S Rinc says:

    Is the quotation above your experience or from somebody else (“After almost a week, the $150 I invested, had turned into $3200 which is like 2033% increase in my funds”)?

    And if you can answer also what is the fee after 90 days?

    Somehow I think they earn money with each transaction from software users. Otherwise that would not be free (well, not for 90 days).

    Thanks, Matt

    • suzzanefox says:

      That’s my personal result Matt.

      I don’t know how much they will charge after 90 days but it’s not going to be more than $10/mo.; if you want to continue receiving the binary signals in your auto binary code software.

      I don’t know what’s their business behind it. Maybe they are having some tie-ups with the broker i.e cedar finance.

  6. Hi Suzzane,

    Someone spent a lot of money on 2 videos I have now watched with this nameless guy in. It bothers me he does not identify himself. The large quotation on this page saying:”I have used this software myself…” Is that what you are personally stating, or is that just unsigned ad copy?

    I mean no disrespect, but I thoroughly research everything before I spend anything on internet income systems / programs.

    thanks for any assistance you can provide.


    • suzzanefox says:

      His name is Jacob. You can clearly see it in video. Didn’t you watch carefully? How would I know then? πŸ˜›

      And yes, I’m personally using this software otherwise what would I get reviewing a free software? tell me?

  7. Had a quick look at this… attempted to download the software and my anti virus announced ‘this may harm your computer’. After chatting with one of the customer service people on live chat he just told me to turn my anti virus off… wont be risking this software.

    • suzzanefox says:

      Get rid of your antivirus dear. It’s a false alarm. Which antivirus program you are using? I think you should not be paying for that antivirus program license anymore as it is stopping you from making money. I am using this software myself and have not got any such warnings from the two best antiviruses in the market. It’s just a false alarm as I said. Ignore it honey. Let me know what you think…

  8. Is there a video that shows you how to use the software also are there any documents you must provide in order to get your withdrawals? Thanks

    • suzzanefox says:

      yes, they will provide the videos too. you might need to send them a scanned copy of ID card or maybe your tax reg. card so that they can confirm you are a legit guy/girl.

  9. Interesting. So, how do they pay me? In other words, what’s the payment method? I’m in Barbados (yeah, where Rihanna’s from) and I have a Visa debit card attached to my local bank account and PayPal account.

    • suzzanefox says:

      As I mentioned, you can get paid by direct bank transfer and paypal. They are few more payment methods.

  10. daniel thornhill jr says:

    Just wondering why you never can talk to any one on the phone & i’am trying to connect to wall street exposed but it wont let me please gmail me thanks !!

    • suzzanefox says:

      the problem is that they have just launched so try to understand that several thousand people are trying to get in touch with them right now. they are trying their best to solve everyone’s problem even while offering everything for free. it happens when such crazy and wonderful product launches. Didn’t you see the apple io7 and other launches they just did day before yesterday? As soon as they announced, their whole website went down because of the burden or work load. It happens when new thing launches. please keep patience and if you need you can call them later. by that time try using your brain and training video given in the members area.

  11. Ganesan says:

    i received you free binary code software free 90 days .i am waiting in Q for live support now about this further.then free account to be made,new account to done awaiting goodness

  12. Ron Williams says:

    Where are the instructions on how to use the free software? Thanks

    • suzzanefox says:

      instructions on how to install the software has been added. more free training will be provided in coming days.

  13. Charles Zito says:

    I love the idea of binary trading and having automated software is what I have been looking for to level out some of the odds. But I have been told that people living in the US are limited in what type of commodities can be traded. Is that still true? And will that keep this system from doing it’s best? Thanks ahead of time for the reply.

    • suzzanefox says:

      There are no such limitations dear. You should check your facts. This software is popular amongst US people and works with full efficiency for everyone.

  14. Leonard says:

    So,do you always have to be sitting by your computer?When are the signals given out?What if your not by your computer or gone when they are?What are the signals?
    Also ,how long after your initial investment can you withdraw your funds?Can you start with less than $100?
    Thanks so much for your reply.

    • suzzanefox says:

      you can’t start with such low amount because the profit margins are low when you trade less amount.

      you don’t have to sit by your computer all the time. you will get notification sound when there is some new profitable binary signal available. if interested, you can open trade in them. once you have opened trade, you can see real-time changes in prices and take necessary actions. if you decide that you have to leave then you can assign a stop loss and take profit limits to your trade. so when your trade reaches that point, it will automatically end. you can withdraw your money anytime you want. the processing takes less than 3-4 days.

  15. i cant download the soft ware i was so excited to start but it says failed.

  16. I just came across your REVIEW site about the AutoBinary Code software – Wall Street Exposed.

    Are the brokers established inside USA or outside? About the ID documents to send them, is it safe to send them that kind of docs? No risk of identity theft here?

    Thanks for making this useful and informative REVIEW site!

    Hope you reply.


    • suzzanefox says:

      They are based in cyprus but have staff in USA also.

      It is completely safe to send them documents because they require them according to law. You can’t become a forex broker like that. You have to get license for it and abide by some rules like having all the necessary information of traders etc. because in-case you try to escape/evade income tax or involved in some bad work then the law enforcement agency would ask cedar finance to cooperate.

      • Thanks a lot Suzzane for replying and answering my question!

        Does the Autobinary Code Software work only with “Cedar Finance” because I watched the video provided in the Member’s Area and Paul Kincaid uses E*trade? The reason I asked you the “USA Broker” question is because I wouldn’t want to have issues when withdrawing my earnings. Like for ex. I have read online so many horror stories about “brokers” outside of USA like in “cyprus” that cancelled members’ earnings once they had a lot of earnings and took the broker took the earning?

        Hope that’s not the case with “Cedar Finance”.

        Thanks again,

        • suzzanefox says:

          Don’t worry, this is not the case with cedar finance. It is registered broker.

          Just for your knowledge; if you happen to get scammed or not happy with some company’s shady techniques, you can always take legal action and win big amount in damages πŸ˜€

          The US government and FBI is with you; if anything happens, we will carry out drone attacks on cyprus πŸ˜›

          • Thanks again Suzzane, you’ve been very helpful! πŸ™‚

            One more question: Once inside the Autobinary Code “Member’s Area” the 2nd. video after the downloading of the Autobinary software, the man in the video speaking says to call a ” start up agent”, he says : call the number below but there was no telephone number showing, was it because they’re working with too many people at the moment?

            Will calling this ” start up agent” charge anything?

            Bye and thanks,


          • suzzanefox says:

            As they state,

            “Due to the high demand of this software, our Startup Specialists are backed up.

            But don’t worry, THEY will still call YOU. Once you have installed your software and have activated AutoBinaryCode by creating your Cedar Finance account, One of our Startup Specialists will contact you personally. So make sure you download Your FREE copy of the AutoBinaryCode software above and install it on your Windows PC. Then follow the instructions on the software to activate your copy through Cedar Finance.

            Once you have installed and have activated your copy of AutoBinaryCode, you will then be contacted by our Startup Specialist within 10 minutes. So look for a call from us shortly. We are excited to help you make your first $500 – $1,000 TODAY.”

  17. Hi Suzzane,

    I can’t install the software in my Mac because it is a .exe file. Do they have Mac version of the software? Thanks!

    • suzzanefox says:

      Most of the Mac users run windows applications using parallels or bootcamp. It’s a known thing. I think you are very new to Mac. I think due to limitations and structure of Mac OS, they might not release a complete Mac version in future so you have to somehow use the windows version on your Mac. You can ask apple care or your friend; they will tell you how to do it easily.

    • suzzanefox says:

      A small update to your question. The MAC version is now available. To download it, visit here:

      … and then enter your details in the box below the video. You will be redirected to new members area with Mac version download.

  18. Neville says:

    I am from South Australia, Australia. Will Auto Binary Code work for me, as there have been some programs that are only suitable for the USA or UK. I have also had the warning about downloading the software, but you have conviced me it is safe. I only have $100 – $150 to start with. Is this enough?

  19. Are the live trading hours US time when the binary signals appear on my computer?
    I am on the other side of the planet and it is midnight here when it is noon in New York.

  20. Hi, how did you used it for a week, when they launched on June 11th?


  21. Kulwant says:

    i really loved the auto binary software he created for all of us to try for free of cost for 90 days. a real man!

  22. Ive installed and re-installed but the Auto BinaryCode will not do a trade it keep saying error cant connet to the server.

    I should I do?

    • suzzanefox says:

      please post a screenshot of your error here using awesomescreenshot website. Also, please check that your internet connection is working properly.

  23. Jimmy Huang says:

    Hi Suzzane , hope you are well. Just have one question , what is the currency I should start up with Cedar Finance while using this Auto Binary Code software , is it 250 used or 250 Euros . Thank you .

  24. Jignesh says:

    I download the software and installed it but getting signals for only M1 (1 Minute). can I get signals for longer periods like M5,M15.

    Thank you

  25. Hi Suzzane,
    Loved your review about the auto binary code. My main concern is about the way our account is created at cedar finance through the software. Since it it’s different from how we do usually open an account from a broker. Providing email, phone number, country of residency etc etc. But with the software, it just skip all that. Wouldn’t be any problem with one’s account in the future ?


  26. archana says:

    Hi , I am from India and i have a full time job , how can i go about this? i was skeptical when i first read about wall street exposed , but after reading the reviews on this blog i am encouraged to be a part of it.

    is it open for Indians and how can i go about it?

  27. v s madushini says:

    Hi! Suzzane,
    I have downloaded the auto binary code. they ask me to deposit minimum $100. I want to know what I’m earning with in this 90 days am I able to withdraw any money before 90 days?

  28. Hi, I’m new to this software but my question is, can you win money though trading in the trading platform if you invested? And how does opening positions really work and how to get money from it?

  29. i want to know if this software is a legal business

  30. I need you to take me step by step on how to use the autobinary software.Can you help. this is because I cant get to Paul kincaid from whose website I downloaded the software

  31. Hi, can I make this download with my iPad? And is Nigeria included in all of this. Pls let me knw as I’m interested.

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